Our Vision

  • To provide support for established, reputable organizations that aid the poor and underprivileged globally, working alongside them to address all the societal issues surrounding poverty at a grassroots level.

  • To provide training in key economic areas for local underprivileged people, giving them marketable skills to generate income and thus breaking the cycle of poverty.

  • To enable and empower the children in poverty stricken areas with education and specific skills necessary for them to rise up as adults and become the next generation of leaders and policymakers in their countries.

Charis Global Community Aid is a non-profit organization which funds projects of existing service organizations around the world that are committed to eradicating poverty amongst the most needy in their communities.


We sponsor many initiatives in Uganda, from child sponsorships to water projects


Working with farmers and women to empower them with the tools to be economically self-sustainable


Supporting Kenyan entrepreneurs with training and funding to pull themselves out of poverty

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Sole Hope

Partner to bring HOPE, healthy lives, and freedom from foot-related diseases, like jiggers.