Charis Global Community Aid in Kenya

Charis works along side the "Rapha House" to support approximately 25 kids/youth. Their lives are being transformed, with the opportunities to go to school, have a home base and learn everyday skills to equip them for a successful life. Many of the "Rapha" youth are in elementary/high school but some of the young men have completed 1-2 years of college and are preparing for the workforce. There are a few who have been living on their own and in the workforce. There is great need for continued support to aid in transforming lives.

Charis Global is unique in that we do not take any administration fees off of project donations. If you would like your donation to support a specific cause, just let us know and we'll make the necessary arrangements.

Sponsor a Child

Support a Kenyan child with the resources for food and other basic necessities


Help Kenyan entrepreneurs bring themselves and their communities up with a microloan


Purchase a water jug for a family or a water tank for a school or community